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FUNDED September 2015

Aug 31

Written by: Grants Office, LLC
Monday, August 31, 2015  RssIcon

Dear Readers,

In addition to more great insights and updates from our team, this month’s issue includes “Grantscasts” in the last page list of events. We will be using this term going forward in place of the generic “Webcasts,” since all our Webcasts are about grants.

Grants Office held its first public Web-based training, “Homeland Security Funding: Bringing IT Home,” on June 3, 2003. It was sponsored by Cisco Systems, and we had about 50 first responders in attendance.

In the twelve years since, we have hosted hundreds of one-hour webcasts (or, if you prefer, webinars) for over 20,000 grantseekers, primarily in education, public safety, and healthcare, and thanks to the great companies that sponsor these events, every single one has been free.

Our webcasts fall into three broad categories:
• Forecasts and budget updates
• Deep dive into a specific grant program
• Survey of funding opportunities for a specific project type

As those of you who’ve attended our events know, we also provide helpful grantseeking strategies and tips during each session.

The Grants Office team is committed to continuing our tradition of sharing what we’ve learned about finding, winning, and making the best use of grant funding, through free resources like FUNDED and our Grantscasts, as well as through our consultative grants development services.

As always, if you have feedback or suggestions on how we can make these offerings more relevant or empowering for you, don’t hesitate to e-mail me directly at

Michael Paddock

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